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Rebar Inspection

Rebar Inspection

Rebar Inspection


Rebar inspection is a non-destructive test that measures the arrangement and cover of reinforcing bars inside a concrete structure using survey equipment.

Rebar Probe Inspection Methods

Electromagnetic Wave Radar Method
Electromagnetic waves are radiated from the antenna toward the concrete surface, and are reflected when they encounter materials with different electrical properties from the concrete (reinforcing bars, air pockets, etc.). They then emerge again at the surface of the concrete and are received by the receiving antenna.
The time between transmission and reception reveals the distance to the reflected object (the location of the rebar).
If the material has different electrical properties from the concrete, it is possible to detect air pockets, buried pipes, etc. in addition to rebar.
Electromagnetic Induction Method
This inspection method takes advantage of the difference in the electrical properties (conductivity) and the magnetic properties of concrete and rebar. The distance to the rebar (the rebar location) can be determined by measuring the magnetic flux caused by eddy currents which are generated by passing an electric current through the coil built into the testing device.
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