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Tunnel Inspection

Tunnel Inspection

Tunnel Inspection


Tunnel inspections are conducted to aquire the information necessary to properly maintain and manage tunnels, which includes avoiding damage to users, avoiding long-term failures such as road closures, and taking timely action to extend the life of the tunnel.
Technical knowledge and inspection techniques are required to handle the various methods of construction depending on the year of construction and the construction environment.

Appropriate maintenance and preventive upkeep are crucial for aging tunnels.

Tunnel Inspection Methods

Tunnels subject to inspection are closed to road traffic and are inspected using tunnel inspection vehicles. In addition to visual inspections and hammering inspections, detailed surveys such as lining thickness surveys, slip resistance measurements, and cavity surveys using non-destructive inspection equipment are carried out as necessary.

We also inspect tunnel lighting, road signs, and more. After determining the situation, we select the most appropriate inspection method and make a proposal.

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