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Post-Installed Anchor Tensile Test

Post-Installed Anchor Tensile Test

Post-Installed Anchor Tensile Test


Post-installation anchors are used to attach equipment, seismic reinforcement components, etc. to existing concrete. In order to ensure that these devices, components, etc., perform as expected, post-installed anchor tensile tests are conducted after installation to confirm that the specified bearing capacity can be ensured.

Post-installed Anchor Tensile Testing Methods

Hydraulic Force Tension Testing
This method uses hydraulic pressure to apply force to anchor rods.
Loads of up to 1200 kN can be applied.
Target anchor rods
Name: D10~D51 M6~M48 W1/4~W1
Wrench Force Tensile Testing
This method uses a wrench to apply force manually.
The digital display allows for testing of small loads, and the small size of the testing equipment makes it possible to test in tight spaces.
Target rebar
Name:  M6~M24 W1/4~W7/8