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Bridge Inspection

Bridge Inspection

Bridge Inspection


Bridge inspections are conducted to obtain the information required to manage and maintain bridges properly. This includes avoiding harm to users of the road and third parties, avoiding long-term failures such as bridge collapse, and taking timely actions to extend the life of the bridge.

Bridges are often exposed to harsh environments (anti-icing agent application, natural disasters, large-vehicle traffic, etc.), so it is important to perform preventive and appropriate maintenance.

Bridge Inspection Methods

Visual inspections, hammering tests, and detailed surveys are preformed as necessary. We will select and propose an inspection method that is appropriate for the situation.

Inspection by Bridge Inspection Vehicle
Bridge inspection vehicles are used to inspect bridges while road traffic is restricted.
They are well-suited for inspecting bridges which cross rivers, etc., where access under the bridge is difficult.
Inspection by Aerial Platform Vehicle
The bridge is inspected from directly below using an aerial platform vehicle. We perform road traffic control as necessary.
Inspection by Float and Boat
Floats and boats are used to inspect bridges when other inspection methods are difficult, such as when the bridge is crossing a river.
Ladder and Ground Inspection
Inspections are conducted on relatively small bridges using ladders, etc.
Other Inspections
We propose rope access inspections, drone inspections, and other inspection methods as appropriate.
We also make work vehicle and regulatory arrangements, and prepare regulation drawings.
We conduct inspections and prepare inspection reports in accordance with the inspection guidelines and style of each municipality.
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