Inspection and Survey Diagnostics of Building Infrastructure






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CEO Fumio Yamase

Our mission is
to protect
the nation’s infrastructure
and safeguard life in the future.

CEOFumio Yamase

At Civil Tech, we support the safety and security of this country as professionals in infrastructure inspection, such as bridge inspection, and more.

Large-scale disasters can occur in the world unexpectedly.
If a disaster were to strike, infrastructure would collapse, transportation and logistics would be paralyzed, and economic activities and infrastructure for daily life would be severely shaken. In this situation, collapsed roads would make it difficult to deliver relief supplies or access areas for restoration, and the damage could spread even further. Protecting infrastructure is directly linked to saving lives, which makes it essential to conduct daily inspections and make our infrastructure safer.

We will continue to improve our technology and quality to fulfill this mission as our social responsibility and for our children’s future